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Most Popular Items


Most popular items - A list of some of the most common things


Ever wondered which are some of the most popular items we use daily? This write up seeks to answer this question. As we dig deep into which toothbrush, shoe brand, motherboard, soap and a lot of such things we use in common day to day lives are the most popular ones around the world, we would unearth some really interesting facts.

Talking about computer motherboards, we have seen the emergence of a new, rather famous market player- Asus, which is all set to give a stern competition to Intel, which has been a market leader for years now. Asus has been known for high performance motherboards, which are particularly known for their over-clocking features, which are embedded in their BIOS setup itself. NVIDIA and MSI are also ruling the roost with great motherboards- thanks to a surging demand of computer peripheral all over the world. The Intel socket 478 is by far one of the most popular items in the history of motherboard manufacturing and is therefore, our winner in this category.

Although nothing much is known about the most popular items when it comes to toothbrushes, a lot of brands such as Oral-B and Colgate seem to claim that their toothbrushes are the most popular among the dentists and users alike. DuPont toothbrushes were the first to use bristles in them, which were greatly accepted by the people. Very less has changed in the basic design of the toothbrush since then, apart from the fact that electric and sonic toothbrushes have surfaced over the past few years. The reason why we have included the toothbrush in our list of most popular items is that the toothbrush was adjudged as the number one invention that the Americans (and in fact, the world) cannot live without, in the year 2003 according to an invention index created by Lemelson-MIT.

The shoe is another item that has been known as a rather indispensable thing in the modern history of mankind. Again, there are apprehensions as to which are the most popular items of shoes around the world but many feel that the Converse all star shoe has been the best selling shoe in the history of mankind. One can spot the all star- all canvas shoes anywhere, no matter what part of the world he or she is in. Apart from these, the Nike Jordan and the Air Force one have also been some of the top selling shoe models around the world.

The toilet soap is another hot favorite; a rather indispensable invention that has made it to the list of most popular items in human history. Be it the masculine scent of Park Avenue, the fragrance of Lux or the temptation behind Dove, soaps are a necessity that no one can part with. Pears is said to be one of the most popular global brands of soaps, especially after Andrew Pears invented the first all-clear soap in 1789. With the invention and the production of liquid hand soaps in the late 1970s, soap production and consumerism had reached new highs, which can be felt to date.

Coming to the modern toys, mobile phones and cares are two of the most popular items among people across geographies and age groups. The mobile revolution has given most manufacturers a run for their money, with price wars raging and people demanding more and more features with each passing day, mobile phone manufacturing has come a long way. So which is the all time best seller in this market? Well, it is the Nokia 1100, a phone originally launched in India was available for $20 in the market. It had exceptional reception, great battery back up and was sleek and light to use- all these features attributing to a mammoth 200 million set sales in 2007.

Cars are next only to mobile phones in terms of popularity in the modern era. From the fuel guzzling Hummer to the fuel efficient Toyota cars, they have evolved over the last 5 decades, and evolved in a big way. The T model was the second most successful car in the history of car making and was second only to the Volkswagen Beetle- the car everyone just adores even today

.There are a number of things which are evolving daily and becoming popular with us each day. From weapons, music players and workout routines like the p90x to the internet, each of these is a separate entity in itself. Let us hope that this passion of the human race to achieve the best and invent more popular things in the future, keeps up for ages to come.


Most Popular Items

Most popular items toothbrush
Most popular items shoe
Most popular items soap
Most popular items motherboard