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Most Tattooed Woman

Isobel Varley - The seventy years Rock Star

Most of us consider men to be rugged and motley and females are perceived to be rather clean and less rugged in term of looks, but Isobel Varley is turning all definitions flip side down. While most women in their sixties plan to retire from the chores of life and settle down into a more peaceful setting, this globe-trotter is setting ablaze mane cities by showing her body tattoos and piercing all around. Holding the world record as the most tattooed woman in the world, Isobel is really one hell of an extraordinary woman who is not afraid to show off her tattoo-laden body in style.

Maintaining a conviction in her belief that no one is too old to be sexy, the world’s most tattooed woman is definitely like no other woman of her age, especially with almost 50 piercings in many places on her body. The more astounding fact is that out of these 50 odd piercings, more than 15 are below her waist, in the pant areas- now that’s one hell of an old lady, defying all odds. Isobel is a mother of one and has her home in Stevenage. According to Isobel, she was not attracted particularly towards tattoos and body piercing initially, but got her first tattoo done on her body as late as 1986, when she was 40 years old. It took her almost 11 years to literally get her whole body tattooed from head to toe. The most tattooed woman in the world has just one suggestion for those who want to get themselves tattooed. She says that one should be old enough to judge and decide upon what he needs to get printed on his/her body for the rest of his life because of the fact that getting the tattoos removed is an expensive process, and could be more painful than getting the initial tattoo.

Isobel’s favorite tattoo is the family of tigers that is imprinted on Isobel’s stomach. There are a lot of other interesting tattoos all over her body, but this one clearly stands out. Her love for tattoos, according to her, started when she had first attended a tattoo convention, where she came across great tattoo designers and got herself her first tattoo. The world’s most tattooed woman was actually surprised to see that the people at the convention belonged to all walks of life and were actually normal people with normal lifestyles. This is what prompted the worlds most tattooed woman to get her first tattoo.

Isobel’s passion grew from tattoos to piercings after she observed that it was mostly the young chunk of the population that was indulging itself in body piercing. The world’s most tattooed woman has more than 50 piercings on her body, including 27 in her ears, two in her nipples and almost three dozen in her nether regions, inside the pants. According to her, she got her first body piercing done as she wanted to know how it feels and wanted to write about it. Later, her passion grew and she got her nipples pierced, which incidentally were the most painful, and top of that, they had to be done and re-done three times. The reason why the world’s most tattooed woman got piercing done inside her pants was because she wanted to ‘jingle’ while she walked. According to her, the nether regions don’t hurt much and the piercing wounds heal much faster than ears and nipples.  But, she categorically warns that getting a piercing done in the nether regions might be painful during the initial few days, and one might face problems in walking and wearing tight pants.

Kudos to this old woman, for being registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most tattooed woman in the world. Isobel says that she might soon think of getting her leftover body parts also tattooed. These areas include a portion of her face and small areas of her feet, toes and palms. After she gets these tattooed as well, the world’s most tattooed woman can be sure that her record will stay for years to come and won’t be an easy one to surpass.


Most Tattooed Woman Isobel Varley

Most Tattooed Woman
Most Tattooed Woman
Most Tattooed Woman
Most Tattooed Woman
Most Tattooed Woman

Facts about Isobel Varley

Born in born in Yorkshire, England. First tattoo was a flower and with that flower, everything started.She got it when she was 49 years old in 1986