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Most Unhealthy Fast Food


Most Unhealthy Fast Food - Fast And Lethal


With so many talk shows, press releases and events being done in favor of healthy foods these days, not to mention the positive benefits surrounding Obamacare, the word about some of the most unhealthy fast food products is out. Throughout this write up, we would be exploring some of the most common and malicious fast food items which people consume.  

Let us begin with mentioning one simple mantra which holds good for any kind of diet plan- whatever you eat, make sure it’s not greasy. Grease and oil are two of the worst enemies of the human heart. Apart from causing obesity, greasy food items results in aggravated LDL cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol kills more people in the world every year, than terrorism! A lot is said about refraining from sweet food products as well, but if you are working out at extreme levels and you need energy, sweetened water, lemonade or small amount of candy is not that harmful. Greasy food therefore, is definitely the unhealthiest fast food in the world today, killing more people than any other force and it requires a highly motivated person to be able to get rid of these food items.

Potato chips and French fries are two of the most common and most dangerous fast food items. Apart from containing high amounts of carbohydrates, these contain acryl amide, which is a proven carcinogen- a cancer causing agent. According to studies by some of the top Medical Universities in America, Acryl amide is one of the major causes of cancers in the world. Heart diseases, strokes and artery blockages in the heart are some of the other common conditions that can result from trans fats, which are found in abundance in fries and potato chips.Knowing what foods to avoid can increase your life's longevity.

If you thought baked items were not that bad, it’s high time that you reconsider. Baked items, especially those containing coffee or caffeine have the highest trans-fat content among many other fast food items. Commercially baked products, especially those which are manufactured and processed, should be avoided at all costs. Not only do they contain high quantities of trans-fat, they also contain preservatives which are bad for heart, making them one of the most unhealthy fast food products of the modern era.
Baked products which contain less or no coffee content, and which are baked at home should be preferred; if a need for baked products arises. Doughnuts, one of the most popular baked food items in America, are also harmful and widely consumed. Americans, and now people in most part of the metropolitan world, have a habit of taking frequent doughnut breaks. Doughnuts contain nothing more than sugar, flour and hydrogenated oils- a perfect recipe for disaster.

Another product which tops the list of most unhealthy fast food items of all time is the common drinking soda. Containing up to 150 calories per serving, soda remains one of the least suspected ‘silent’ killers.

With fast lifestyles and more working hours, ‘fast’ is becoming popular with food too. Processed meat and meat products, and food items made out of them are not only popular, cheap and save time, they are also equally hazardous to health as the French fries or the doughnuts are. Hot dogs, hamburgers and pizzas loaded with cheese and processed food toppings such as bacon, meat chops and sausages can spell doom for you and your heart. Sodium nitrate and Sodium nitrite are two typical chemicals which are used in liberal quantities in order to preserve processed meat. On ‘Googling’ these chemicals, you will find out that these are carcinogens, and therefore, the sheer fact that they are used in processed food items makes them worthy of a place in our list of some of the most unhealthy fast food items in the human history.

We all love canned soups, don’t we? We love them because they are easy on the pocketbook, fast to cook and taste good as well. But they are one of the most unhealthy fast food items that one can buy off the shelf. These also contain harmful preservatives such a MSG and some Sodium compounds. Sodium is also present in salt (Sodium Chloride), which can be found in huge quantities in processes soups- therefore, processed and canned soups present double trouble.

Finally, it is only you who can keep yourself motivated to refrain from harmful foods, and the only way to do it is to take a look at this line before setting in for such foods- “They are fast, they taste great, but they can kill you.”


Most Unhealthy Fast Food

Most Unhealthy Fast Food burgers
Most Unhealthy Fast Food chips
Most Unhealthy Fast Food fries
Most Unhealthy Fast Food pizza
Most Unhealthy Fast Food soda

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