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Largest Diamnond In The World


World's Largest Diamond - New Best Friend For Ladies


If diamonds truly are a girl's best friend, then the thought of the largest diamond in the world would probably be enough to send many girls gaga. Diamonds are incredibly beautiful, incredibly rare and highly valuable, making the thought of such a huge stone mind boggling – like seeing a million dollars in cash, or like seeing an exquisite work of art. So what is the largest diamond in the world? And just how large is it?

Well currently the largest diamond in the world is the Golden Jubilee diamond which was discovered in the Blue Ground of the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1985. When it was first discovered though it was not known as the Golden Jubilee, but rather was known rather un-inspiringly as 'unnamed brown'. At the time the diamond was discovered it was 755.5 carats, but was later cut to become a faceted diamond of 545.67 carats – or in other words it was 151 grams and was later reduced to 109.13 grams.

As the name 'unnamed brown' would suggest, initially the diamond was considered an 'ugly duckling' due to its color and shape. Thus it was given to Gabriel Tolkowsky by De Beers (the diamond mining company that discovered it) for the sole purpose of testing particular cutting tools – as it was considered expendable. However Tolkowsky surprised everyone when he managed to cut the unnamed brown into an attractive yellow-brown diamond in a fire rose fashion cut, and when this was found to outweigh the previous record holder by 15.37 carats making it the largest diamond in the world.

The Golden Jubilee then went on to be purchased from De Beers and then taken to Pope John Paul 2, the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch and the Supreme Imam in Thailand for blessing. Eventually it was given to King Bhumibol Adulyadej in honor of his 50th anniversary on the throne. It was since exhibited internationally, before ending up at the Royal Thai Palace as part of the crown jewels.

Before the Golden Jubilee the Cullinan Diamond was the largest diamond in the world. At the same time the Cullinan diamond was also the largest rough quality diamond ever found at 3,106.75 carats or 621.35 grams. It was found by a miner called Thomas Evan Powell in 1905 and was named after the owner of the mine. Unlike the Golden Jubilee, the Cullinan Diamond is remarkably clear, though it features a black spot in the center surrounded by vivid colors. Today it weighs 530.4 carats and is also known as the 'Great Star of Africa'. The diamond was given to King Edward VII on his birthday and was cut into three large parts and the 9 large gem quality stones. These are now also part of the crown jewels of the UK and make up part of the head of the 'Sceptre with a Cross'.
Diamonds of this size are incredibly rare and are formed of carbon – like animals and plants – that have been subjected to intense heats and pressures for thousands of years below the Earth's surface. It's their atomic structure 'diamond lattice' that makes them so different from carbon and that makes them so resilient. When you hold a diamond you are holding organic matter that has been transformed by the earth, and that is now the hardest material on the Earth. For this reason the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond and this makes the process of diamond cutting incredibly difficult – which also adds to their incredible value. The largest diamond in the world then is an incredibly rare and valuable stone then and a true marvel of nature.


World's Largest Diamond

Largest Diamnond In The World
World's Largest Diamond
Worlds Most Biggest Diamond
World's Largest Diamond