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World's Most Amazing Animals

World's Most Amazing Animals - Be stunned !

Really all animals are very amazing and each one is very unique and different in their own way. Animals that might seem fairly mundane that we encounter often we might not think of as the world's most amazing animals and yet they might surprise you with your capabilities. For example a cat can hear ultrasonic noises that mice make and that are two high pitches for humans or even dogs, while a Squirrel can fall from 100 feet and survive!
Amazing though they are, these are still not the world's most amazing animals, and the abilities of some creatures are simply astonishing. Here we will look at some of the world's most amazing animals and what they can do that sets them apart.

Dirrocoelium Dendeiticum: Starting off with this type of parasitic flatworm, this is one of the world's most amazing animals and so unusual that it almost seems like science fiction. What makes it so amazingly unique is it's ability to control the mind of ants. Yes, at one stage in its life cycle this flat worm will be eaten by an ant, at which point it will travel up to its brain and latch onto the motor cortex giving it complete control of all the ant's movements. During this phase, the flat worm will then use this ability to steer the ant onto the tip of a blade of grass to be eaten by a cow so that it can breed inside the cow's stomach. At once fascinating and disconcerting, and certainly one of the world's most amazing animals.

Gigantic Octopus: The gigantic octopus is so much one of the world's most amazing animals that it has actually become the thing of legend. The gigantic octopus has never been found in its entirety, but single tentacles have. Bigger than the already impressive colossal squid and other large sea creatures, it is believed that this is the 'Kraken' of legend and capable of sinking large boats.

Whales: Whales are impressive and some of the world's most amazing animals due to their size first and foremost because of their huge size, as the biggest animals on Earth. But perhaps even more amazing is the fact that they can communicate through a layer of the sea that allows their whale song to travel over great distances - over hundreds of miles. Almost like telephone, or more like internet, for whales.

Tardigrade: The tardigrade, sometimes referred to affectionately by scientists as the 'water bear', is a microscopic creature that apparently walks with the gait of a bear - which isn't what makes it one of the world's most amazing animals. That honour goes to the fact that this creature can live in incredibly hostile and uninhabitable conditions - including in deep space - and abandoned for ten days in space they were found to be able to survive with no oxygen, no light and no nutrients of any kind. On Earth they are also one of the world's most amazing animals in terms of hardiness and can survive without food for three decades!

Sarcosuchus: Sarcosuchus is no longer one of the world's most amazing animals as it is now sadly extinct. However most people who learn about this animal are still startled and have no idea of its existence. This is a type of crocodile that lived during the reign of the Dinosaurs that was so huge it could go toe-to-toe with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and would regularly eat them. Imagine that - a crocodile the size of a bus!

Turritopsis Nutricula Jellyfish: Finally, this type of jellyfish is one of the world's most amazing animals for having discovered the holy grail - this creature is genuinely immortal. By returning to its child-form, the 'pollyp', it is able to rejuvenate all of its individual cells. Of course it can still die from illness or by being killed by predators - but naturally it will never die of old age. Pretty amazing…

World's Most Amazing Animals

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