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World's Most Expensive Hotels


World's Most Expensive Hotel - Are you ready to see some luxury ?


When we go on holiday it’s a great opportunity to treat ourselves to some real indulgence and relaxation and to pull out all of the stops in order to make it a perfect experience.

However some of us take this farther than others and if you look at some of the world’s most expensive hotel suits you’ll realise that truly ‘pulling out all the stops’ can be as extravagant as you want it to be. Here we’ll look at some of the world’s most expensive hotel suits and rooms to get an idea of what real luxury and extravagance is and do a bit of vicarious living. Perhaps at the same time you might feel a little less guilty about spending a lot on a five star hotel for your holiday.

Bear in mind that of course prices will vary depending on currency, time of year and various other factors and that new hotels are opening up all the time. However this selection of the world’s most expensive hotel suites should all be considered the ‘heavy hitters’ and one potentially the world’s most expensive hotel.

The Atlantis:
The Atlantis is reportedly the world’s most expensive hotel with its Atlantis Bridge suit as its crowning jewel and officially the world’s most expensive hotel suite at $25,000-$37,000 for a night. Just think, that’s one million dollars for just three of four days at the hotel!
So what makes this the world’s most expensive hotel? Well first off it has a great location being at the top of a large bridge connecting the Royal Tower buildings giving it a view over the whole area and an exciting ‘suspended’ feel. Of course you get more than just a single room for the world’s most expensive hotel suit too and instead get ten rooms adorned with gold and even your own butler to run errands and fetch drinks and a cook to cook you up meals on request. The rooms also have 12 foot high ceilings and include an ‘entertainment center’ as well as a bar to ensure you never have to leave the suit.

Hotel Cala di Volpe:
Hotel Cala di Volpe in Italy is another option that some report as the world’s most expensive hotel with price estimates from around $27-$36 thousand. For this you get only three bedrooms (with three bathrooms) but on the plus side you also get an outdoors pool (salt water) and your own solarium and gazebo. Amusingly it is reported that this contender for the world’s most expensive hotel still charges visitors for its internet access however!

The President Wilson Hotel:
Meanwhile the world’s most expensive hotel generally considered just behind the Atlantis and Hotel Cala di Volpe at $23,000-$35,000 per night, is the President Wilson Hotel. Here the Imperial Suite, which takes up the entire top floor, is not only incredibly luxurious, but also incredibly secure with bullet proof windows and doors and armed guards making perfect for politicians and celebrities visiting Geneva.
As you’d expect from what’s nearly the world’s most expensive hotel, this suit is decorated largely in marble and hardwood and comes with its own study, library, billiards table and cocktail lounge and five bathrooms – one of which includes a Jacuzzi and steam room which is something even the world’s most expensive hotel can boast. This means no getting bored and no queuing for the bathroom… though that said, as the suit can accommodate forty people at once this makes it a little more likely. That also means that what would be near-enough the world’s most expensive hotel becomes a lot more affordable.

Grand Resort Lagonissi:
Another one of the world’s most expensive hotel suits is the Royal Villa at the Grand Resort Lagonissi in Greece. Another three bedroom suit, this one makes up for its lofty pricing with three swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) as well as a see view through a huge sliding door as well as a private chef, butler - and a first on our list of the world’s most expensive hotel suits – it’s own pianist! For all this you can expect to pay similarly high prices at around $20,000-$34,000.

Park Hyatt Vendome:
Being fans of luxury, it is no surprise that the French would want to have a contender for the world’s most expensive hotel in their capital city. The Park Hyatt Vendome is just that at around $20,000 per night and featuring shockingly high ceilings, rows of pillars and a spa suit in its Imperial Suite. Not quite the world’s most expensive hotel, but not too shabby either!



World's Most Expensive Hotel

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