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World's Smallest Cars


World's Smallest Cars- Do you want one ?


Today there is more call for small cars than ever before. Sure, when we drive large cars it feels much more impressive. Large cars growl when you drive them, they're imposing on the road, and they make sure that other cars on the road treat us with respect. However at the same time they guzzle fuel, they create huge emissions, they're costly to insure, they are difficult to park and they're more likely to crash. With one of the world's smallest cars however you get a different story – something you can quickly nip around the city for a quick  trip to the shop, park easily, and rarely top up with fuel. In the future we all may drive smaller cars reducing fuel emissions, noise pollution and congestion while keeping the roads safer and friendlier.

Many car manufacturers have already begun this trend and there are some amazing small cars already on the market. Here we will examine a list of some of the world's smallest cars – not exhaustive (no pun intended) by any means, and not in order, but just an insight into some of the cars at the smaller end of the spectrum.

The New Mini: The BMW's New Mini released in 2001 is 3.69 meters. Interestingly though, while this car is very small by most standards, it's actually half a meter longer than its predecessors making it a contentious entry to this list.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV: Anything with 'I' in the front is automatically synonymous with modernity and portable style thanks to Apple. The i-MiEV is no different and is a highly green and fuel efficient automobile at just 3.47 meters that also sports a very modern white body.

Diatsu Copen: Who said that small cars had to look naff? With the Copen you get something that looks like a sports convertible with a top speed of 112mp but that is only 3.39 meters long and only uses a gallon for every 47 miles. It's also affordable itself, suggesting a real future for tiny motors. One of the World's smallest cars that most of us would be very happy to be seen driving.

TH!NK City: A car that splashes it's recommended use across its title, the 'TH!NK' is an electric car that's only 3.14 meters and perfectly suited to city driving.

Tata Nano: The Nana is not only one of the World's smallest cars in the world (3.09 meters) but also one of the cheapest.

Toyota iQ: You'd expect a car called 'iQ' to be not only one of the World's smallest cars, but also one of the smartest. Toyota don't disappoint; and despite being only 2.98m this car is still big enough to fit four passengers and perhaps even some additional shopping.

Commuter Cars Tango T600: Now we're getting into the realm of the 'ridiculously' small. At just 2.56 and crazily narrow this car looks more like a toy than a real vehicle.

Lumeneo SMERA: At 2.5 meters this looks even odder than the Tango and is undoubtedly one of the world's smallest cars. It also tilts up to 25 degrees when it goes round corners and runs on batteries. It also looks a bit like a small alien...

Peel P50: The Peel 50 is number one on the list of the world's smallest cars ever manufactured for commercial application. At just 1.37 meters and with only three wheels this car would carry one person up to 38mph.



World's Smallest Cars

World's Smallest Cars diatsu copen
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