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The Worlds Hardest Game

The Worlds Hardest Game - We dare you to finish it !!!

The worlds hardest game is aptly named The Worlds Hardest Game. This flash media game was developed by MTV’s Addicting Games, and though it does not hold a Guinness World record, a few minutes of surfing the internet will tell you that if it is not worlds hardest game, it can’t be far off.

The Worlds Hardest Game has only 30 levels and you can die an infinite number of times, which makes you think it can’t be that hard. The object of this game is to make your way through a series of obstacles. Each level starts you (a red square) in a green “safe zone”, what lies before you is blue circles that operate in a large variety of ways to keep you from making it to the levels end “safe zone”. As the game progresses, yellow circles are added into the mix. These yellow circles are objects which you need to pick up and safely carry to the end safe zone in order to pass the level.

A test of patience and perfect timing, The Worlds Hardest Game can easily bump you back to the beginning of the level by touching your red square with a blue circle. About midway through the game, level 15 or so, the game adds in keys on top of the yellow circles that must be gathered before progressing on to the next level. If you have ever played an old Atari or other 16 bit dungeon crawling game you will find the graphics and the game play to be quite similar.

Many people have commented that The Worlds Hardest Game would probably be easier if it could be controlled by a joystick controller or keyboard pad. Unfortunately the controls are all touch based, meaning that when playing the flash game on your computer you have to click on the red square and move it forward with your fingers (on a laptop touch pad) or with your mouse.

The Worlds Hardest Game has been added as an app for iPhones and other similar technologies, which can make the game controls even more difficult because now you are controlling your little red square with either your finger or a stylus. If you are looking for a time waster for your phone or computer The Worlds Hardest Game can definitely help there. Many people seem to have a small amount of desire to eventually beat the game, but most use it for a time killer or a means to ignore the strange person sitting next to them on the bus.

This games claim to fame came when it was named The Worlds Hardest Game, this made every gamer and intellectual person come running to prove the claims wrong. Although there have been a couple of people who have claimed to have beaten the game, they are a select few. One person even claims to have survived all 30 levels without having a single death! The majority of people give up right around level 10, because that is where it becomes far more difficult. The Worlds Hardest Game has done well to validate its claim as the worlds hardest game.

There are few complaints about The Worlds Hardest Game such as, the sounds can be annoying and there is no volume control other than that on your PC or phone output. The most prominent complaint, if it can be called that, is that after playing The Worlds Hardest Game they tend to see everything as blue dots, viewing everything in life as an obstacle that needs to be passed with patience and perfect timing. Though, that could be viewed as a necessary life lesson that could do nothing but help society.

The graphics on The Worlds Hardest Game are very basic 2D graphics, but anything more advanced than that would make the game near impossible to play. As the worlds hardest game they want people to not be able to beat the game, not just be unable to play it. The Worlds Hardest Game has three difficulty levels with the easiest being hard, followed by harder and impossible. There is no information alluding to whether or not the game has ever been beaten on impossible mode.

Link to The Worlds Hardest Game - Click here.


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The Worlds Hardest Game
The Worlds Hardest Game
The Worlds Hardest Game
The Worlds Hardest Game
The Worlds Hardest Game