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5 of the Worlds Most Amazing Facts


Top 5 - Worlds Most Amazing Facts


We are surrounded by facts, everywhere we look a fact is playing itself out right in front of our face. Most facts are so common place that no one takes any notice, while others are so incredible, or against the norm that they stand out as either a warning or an inspiration to our minds and hearts.

Most Amazing Facts #1

Cubatao a town in Brazil has been nicknamed “The Valley of Death” because the pollution was so high that is was overpowering nearby forests, killing them much like what one could expect to see on the outskirts of a nuclear blast zone. In the 1980s Cubatao’s land, air and water systems were voted the most polluted in the world.

After an oil spill in 1984, drastic measures were taken to clean up the more than 24 industries in Cubatao. By 2009, Cubatao had made a lot of progress in their clean-up efforts. After $1.2 billion US of funding, it will still take many, many years of drastic measures to clean the area.

Probably the saddest and most amazing facts are that Cubatao has the highest rate of children born with Anencephaly, a disorder that is commonly referred to as “brainless child”. More than half of the brain, skull and scalp are not formed by the time of birth. These children if they are not stillborn typically die within a couple hours of birth.

Knowing that this level of pollution is possible in a city of 110,000 occupants is one of the most amazing facts that need to be rectified. Hopefully in the future Cubatao can be known as the city that has changed its habits the most.

Most Amazing Facts #2

The continent of Asia consumes over 30% of the Earth’s land surface, yet it is home to more than 60% of the worlds population. The most amazing facts about Asia are: it is the largest continent with 17,212,000 sq mi of land, the largest population of 4,162,966,086 according to a 2006 estimate, and it is home to 47 countries speaking over 40 languages not including sub-dialects.

Home to some of the best economies on the planet, Asia is host to South Korea who has maintained the highest economic growth since the 1960s. South Korea has been named the ‘Asian Tiger’ because of their fierce determination to grow and become a developed country. One of the most amazing facts includes that South Korea after being a war stricken 3rd World Country before the 1960s they became a newly industrialized country only 20 years after the Korean War and they became a developed country by the 21st Century.
Most Amazing Facts #3

Did you know that the Earth travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour as of 2009? The Earth is full of some of the most amazing facts, not that other planets are not, but we tend to care a little more about our home planet.

Just to list a few of the Earth’s most amazing facts: The surface area of the Earth is 197 million square miles (including water, ice and land surfaces); due to the sun’s reflection off our planets water, Earth shines brighter than any other planet in our known solar system.

Most Amazing Facts #4

Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica is the windiest place on Earth boasting the most amazing facts of average wind speeds that maintain 150 miles per hour! The 30 mile wide bay that lies between Point Alden and Cape Gray was discovered by an Australian expedition lead by Douglas Mawson in 1912. The bay was named after the Commonwealth of Australia by the Australian Antarctic Expedition Team.

Most Amazing Facts #5

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that you can lose weight without exercise, without changing the way you eat, and without even getting off the couch! This is beyond doubt one of the most amazing facts in our Universe.

Unfortunately, this incredible weight loss plan would require moving to Mars. The gravitational pull on Mars is only 38% of what it is on Earth. Meaning, a 100 pound person on Earth would only weigh 38 pounds on Mars. The slightly above average earthling could feel like a heavy weight lifter, since one could lift a small half-ton car above their head as it would only weigh 190 pounds!


Worlds Most Amazing Facts

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