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Worlds Most Dangerous Jobs


Worlds most dangerous jobs - Looking for a job ?


According to various Labor Surveys and Labor Right establishments from around the world, there are millions of people who risk their lives at their jobs- daily. The BLS or the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is the governing body that usually lists out worlds most dangerous jobs, annually. Some of the jobs that have made it to the list of the worlds most dangerous jobs are, in essence, pretty unlikely to be termed as being dangerous. So, what are the yardsticks that are used to determine whether a job is dangerous or not? What are the main pointers and indices that enable a job to be a part of the list of the worlds most dangerous jobs? Well, fatality rate is one of the main yardsticks that are used to assess the kind of danger involved in a job. At times, the average annual salary is also factored in to assess the peril involved in being a part of a job. Some statistic institutions also factor in the number of fatalities per total number of people doing the job at any given time. We have tried to compile a list of some of the worlds most dangerous jobs in this write up. The ranking and order might change, depending upon the stats, but the overall essence remains the same.

Fishermen and related jobs: This category tops the list of worlds most dangerous jobs. Apart from being a job with a high fatality rate, the chance of being lost at sea aggravates the risk to an all new level and makes professional fishing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. The fatality rate in such jobs is pegged at 141 (approx) and the average annual salary is slightly less than $20,000.

Flight engineers and professional aircraft pilots: The risk of a crash, coupled with the risk of a hijack and the risk of developing chronic diseases makes the job of flight engineers and professional aircraft pilots a hell of a job. Besides, flight engineers are also supposed to work at run-time, usually with larger than life moving parts of a plane- making this one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.

Logging workers: Logging workers face a constant risk of being cut by their own tools or being crushed under a tree. This uncertainty and a relatively low annual salary make this one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.

Iron workers and structural steel workers: People in welding jobs, those doing steel-work at high-rise buildings and people indulging in similar sorts of jobs, are at a really high risk of death while at work, reveals the BLS. The risk of getting a shock due to faulty equipment and falling off a high rise building enables this job group to be a part of the list of worlds most dangerous jobs.

Recycle waste collectors: Well, this is an unlikely entry into our list of worlds most dangerous jobs, but a fatality rate of 41.8 (which is pretty high!), makes it a candidate. The chances of being bitten by snakes and being attacked by wild animals while picking up material waste and the risk of acquiring a cut or a bruise on the skin by broken pieces of glass etc. are to be held responsible for such a high fatality rate.

Farmers: Yes, farming is also in our list of worlds most dangerous jobs, and guess what, the main cause of fatalities amongst the farmer community are attributed to being struck by lightening! The fatality rate of farmers is around 37, and hence this profession is certainly one of the most perilous in the world currently!

Electricians: Although, this entry should have been amongst the topmost entries, the fatality rate of electricians is still low. Pegged at 35, the fatality rate of electricians is enough to make them a part of our list of worlds most dangerous jobs.

Roof workers: The risk of falling from the roof and falling prey to heavy winds make it a risky job.

Highways drivers and truck drivers: The risk of road accidents, the vehicle catching on fire and the risk of being hurt by burglars and highway pirates makes this job one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.

Miners: Mining is, and has always been a dangerous profession. Lack of air supply and the high probability of being trapped underground make it one of the most risky jobs in the world today.


Worlds most dangerous jobs

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