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Pictures Of Bugatti Royale

Worlds Most Expensive Car
Worlds Most Expensive Car royale
Worlds Most Expensive Car bugatti royale
Worlds Most Expensive Car Bugatti Type 41 Royal
Worlds Most Expensive Car

Worlds Most Expensive Car Top 5

1. Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000
2. Ferrari Enzo $1,000,000
3. Pagani Zonda C12 F $741,000
4. Koenigsegg CCX $600,910
5. Porsche Carrera GT $484,000

Worlds Most Expensive Car


The Golden Bug - 1930 Bugatti Type 41 Royal


Speaking of eternal beauty, there is only one name that surfaces to our minds and it is that of Dayana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada, or simply Dayana Mendoza. Dayana is the worlds most beautiful woman and belongs to Caracas, Venezuela. Born on 1st June, 1986, Dayana has been Miss Venezuela 2007 and a successful supermodel before being crowned Miss Universe in the year 2008.

Dayana’s physical features are well matched with her intellectual capabilities. Measuring 33.5-23-35, having Green eyes and brown hair, this 176m tall damsel has everything that is needed to turn heads anywhere around the world. Dayana has been working with modeling agencies since 2001, when she had signed up with the Elite Modeling Agency, and was a finalist at the Elite Model International hunt in 2001.

This was the first major competition that Dayana had bagged, and there was virtually no stopping her from then on. After being spotted at the Elite International model hunt, Dayana had been picked up by Max Mara, and had modeled for the agency in various countries, including France, USA and Spain. She has also worked for some big fashion houses such as Versace, Robert Cavalli and other top bosses of the industry at some of the best fashion cities of the world, Including Peru and Paris.

So what is it that makes the worlds most beautiful woman stand apart from the crowd? According to Dayana, she was once kidnapped in her childhood, and it is that incident that has taught her to face the adversities of life with a cool and calm head. This particular incident and how it has affected her life is what makes her different from the rest, according to Dayana herself. Before being crowned Miss Universe in Vietnam 2008, Dayana has been crowned Miss Venezuela 2007, where she had surpassed 27 other candidates to clinch the title. She was not a probable according to the records though, as she belonged to the stat of Amazonas, and it was only on one occasion before this one that some one from Amazons had been crowned Miss Venezuela and that was way back in 1991. Dayana fought all odds, and her witty answers and the finesse in the way she carried herself made her the unanimous winner, and she was crowned Miss Venezuela.

After being crowned Miss Venezuela, Dayana’s journey to become the worlds most beautiful woman began and she started training up to 7 hours a day for the Miss Universe pageant. Mendoza’s hard work paid off, and she became the first Venezuelan woman to clinch the title of being the worlds most beautiful woman in the 21st century. The last Miss Universe from Venezuela was crowned in 1991. She was crowned by last year’s Miss Universe- Riyo Mori and the crown, or technically speaking, the tiara was worth 120,000 US Dollars. This title, apart from the accolades, fetched Dayana a New-York city flat and goodie bags worth millions of dollars from the top fashion houses and beauty parlors across the world. Apart from all these accolades, the worlds most beautiful woman fetched contracts for promoting various products from the fashion world.

Dayana won hearts at the pageant, not only with her looks, but by her prompt, sharp and witty answers as well. She was seen as an intelligent lady, who had perfection in English, Spanish and Italian and who was a crusader for the cause of HIV/AIDS. After bagging the title, she has been constantly touring Africa and other countries spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS. She has also been lecturing on many humanitarian issues, most of which are local to the country she travels.

The Worlds most beautiful woman has been under some controversies lately, but she has managed to get a clean chit from the authorities concerned with the pageant. Some photographs containing nude pictures of Dayana surfaced lately, and were termed as porn by many people. On the contrary, the Officials from the Miss Universe Organization decided that they were not porn, and were rather represented in an artistic way, thereby clearing Dayana of the charges.