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Worlds Most Poisonous

Worlds Most Poisonous -Top 10 of Most Poispmous

Although, there are thousands of poisonous creatures in the world, yet, some of the worlds most poisonous creatures are unknown to the novice eyes of a casual traveler to the rainforest or a rookie sea-diver. Such a list of creatures, which are deadly and can be found on land, in air or under the sea, has been complied and presented to you.

1. Box Jellyfish - If the yardstick for measuring the deadliest of the worlds most poisonous creatures is assumed to be the number of deaths that have been caused by them, then the Box Jellyfish definitely tops our list of worlds most poisonous creatures. This creature, which is just about the size of a palm, has reportedly caused deaths to almost 6,000 people till date. This number is the highest recorded number in the world. This blue colored jellyfish has one of the most powerful, tantalizing and venomous stings in the world and it is found around the coastlines of South East Asia and Australia.

2. The Marbled Cone Snail-The marbled cone snail has venom so deadly, that a drop of it can kill at least 25 large mammals, including humans. What makes this otherwise beautiful and docile creature so dangerous is the fact that it is the master of deception as it camouflages so well that other animals are not able to spot it and step over it- making it attack them. This makes it one of the worlds most poisonous and deadliest creatures

3. The Blue Dart Frog- If you consider the strength and the power of the venom as the only yardstick to measure the degree of danger that an anima carries, then the blue dart frog is definitely going to top our list of worlds most poisonous creatures. A small drop of its venom (2 microgram) is so lethal that it can kill a full grown human being.

4.The Puffer Fish- The puffer fish is a delicacy in many parts of Japan and China, but some organs of the fish are deadly to the human beings- making it one of the worlds most poisonous and lethal animals. The poison of the fish is devastating for one who consumes it and results in deadening of the muscles, increasing of the heart rate, dizziness, vomiting and permanent seizure within minutes of consuming the deadly poison.

5. King Cobra - Although, the venom of a King Cobra is not that toxic as compared to some other animal in our list, it makes it to our list of worlds most poisonous creatures simply because of its capability to inject its poison in large quantities into the skin of its prey. The snake is known as the “snake eater” and is also known to possess enough poison to kill an elephant. One thing which makes it an even more lethal creature to come across is the fact that it is widespread specie and can be found in parts of Africa, Asia and Australia.

6. The Blue Ringed Octopus - The blue ringed Octopus was considered one of the worlds most poisonous sea creatures till some time back, until the Box Jellyfish took over. Nevertheless, this creature is still capable of killing up to 25 humans in one bite. Found in the Pacific pools from Japan to Australia, this creature’s bite is impalpable in most cases, but the venom starts working immediately on the muscles and heart- causing weakness, seizure and death within minutes.

7. The Stonefish - The stonefish is the worlds most poisonous fish and probably the ugliest also. It is often remarked that when a stone fish attacks a human being, the pain is so severe that the person wants to amputate the area affected. Its bite may not be lethal and can be treated within hours, but if left untreated for more than 2-3 hours, a bite from the stone fish can result in death for humans.

8. The Banana Spider - The banana spider also known as the Brazilian wanderer spider and is the worlds most poisonous spider and is also known as the spider responsible for most human deaths.

9. The Inland Taipan -The inland Taipan is recognized as being the worlds most poisonous snake, having the capability to kill over a hundred human beings within 45 seconds from a single bite. Found in Australia, the Inland Taipan is definitely the one to beware of.

10. The Death Stalker Scorpion - The death stalker Scorpion is one of the few venomous scorpions in the world. Although, its poison is not strong enough to kill a healthy human being, yet small children and those suffering from heart conditions are at a fatal risk and should be treated immediately if stung by this deadly Scorpion.


Worlds Most Poisonous

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