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Worlds Richest Person

Warren Buffett - Richest Man On Earth

Born on August 30, 1930, Warren Edward Buffet has skyrocketed his bank balance, thanks to his judicious investments, and is now the worlds richest person. Known as the “oracle of Omaha” (he belongs to Omaha, Nebraska), Buffet is known for his person frugality while spending, even after being the worlds richest person. He had also authored many investment marvels, such as “Warren Buffet speaks” and is a well known philanthropist. Buffet had astounded the world in 2006 by announcing that almost 85% of his fortune would be going to charity, with most of it going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Buffet is a shrewd investor and strongly believes in the power of value investing, even though he has been accredited as being the worlds richest person.

Buffet is a down to earth person, and it is evident from the fact that even though he is the worlds richest person, yet he stays in the same house that he bought in 1958 in the Dundee neighborhood of Omaha. Buffet has no security guards around him and his annual salary is to the tune of a hundred thousand Dollars only, which compared to the executive salaries of other CEOs around the globe, is a miserly amount.

The worlds richest person is happy and keen to admit that he has been greatly influenced by two personalities in his life- Benjamin Graham and Bill Fisher. Being the son of a stock broker, Buffet had developed a keen interest in the markets and the way money worked at a very young age. He was duly impressed by the ‘cornerstones’ of investment laid down by his mentor at the Columbia University- Benjamin Graham. These cornerstones were adopted and enhanced by Buffet to use the market’s fluctuations to his advantage and to hedge efficiently, which have seem hi sore to the heights of being the worlds richest person.

Very less is known about the checkered personal life of the worlds richest person. Warren’s marriage with Susan Thompson was not a great going at all. They had separated in 1977 and were separated till Susan’s death in 2004. They bore 3 children and had never divorced while they were living separately. Warren finally married Astrid Menks, a long time unmarried friend of his, in 2006. Close friends and family reveal that Astrid had been living with Warren and was actually introduced to him by his wife Susan only, before she decided to leave Omaha and pursue her dream of becoming a singer. The worlds richest person was always addressed along with both Susan and Astrid by friends and family.

Apart from a highly mysterious love life, Warren has had other commitments too in his personal life. The worlds richest person is an avid player of bridge and also hosts the Bridge championship at Omaha every year. During this championship, 12 people from America face 12 people from Europe, which is exactly on the lines of the Ryder Cup (Golf).

The worlds richest man is said to be a heavy giver. He is philanthropist like none other and is said to donate more than 80% of his earnings. The man behind giant companies like Berkshire Hathaway and Buffet partners, having a net worth that stands more than 65 billion Dollars, doesn’t keep a cell phone or a computer, and is generous enough to drive his own Cadillac to work.

Buffet still does his own taxes, and is a penurious campaigner when it comes to investing and reinvesting. With a keen insight into maintaining an optimum balance between hedging and maintaining his margins, Warren Buffet is sure to rule the roost among other competitors like Carlos Slim Helu and William Gates III.


Worlds Richest Person Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffets Money
Money Billions
Do you know what 62 Billion looks like ?Nope, that’s just 205 millions. That’s about 0.3% of his wealth. So about 333 times more than shown in this picture.