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Worlds Strongest Man


Worlds Strongest Man - Unlimited Power in a Human Body


Strength athletics also known as strongman competitions have been popular from earlier days when Greeks and Romans used to rule the world. The world has always been fascinated to see the extreme capabilities of a human being, which is why we want to see and love to get more information about the worlds strongest man. In the earlier days too, Kings and Emperors were fond of keeping sports which tests the strength of competitors in different ways.  These competitors had to go through a variety of physical endurance test to claim that they are entitled to become worlds strongest man. There were virtually no rules to such games and events except that every competitor has to go through different sports so that he does not have any advantage and that people can surely call him the worlds strongest man.

However, it was in 1977 that the official competition for worlds strongest man was broadcast for the first time by Langstar Inc. And there were several contests and events like that which gradually came up on the TV where people from all walks of life participated to claim that they were the worlds strongest man. Of course, these different contests had their own rules and criteria’s for their athletes who would eventually test them to their limits and endurance power. Gradually, with more media and publicity this sport of strength athletics started becoming popular around the world where people loved to watch human beings with unimaginable strength who are fighting for the worlds strongest man title.

One of the earlier shows that showed the worlds strongest man is still successfully running and earlier it was owned by CBS, but later the rights were sold to BBC and now TWI has the rights for that show and if you are crazy about watching some unique sports on TV, then the worlds strongest man show is a complete entertainment for muscle maniacs around the globe. Basically, there are number of events in the show in order to prevent any kind of favoring certain types of competitors, hence, every competitor has to go through gruesome events even if they are not happy about it. The events for worlds strongest man are absolutely real and many people even flock to see these events in person as they love to witness something unique that they could never imagine doing themselves.

Though every show has their own events and rules, the events are similar, like a load race where the competitors will have to load heavy objects probably weighing 360 lbs onto a truck bed or a platform that will be at a distance of 50 feet. Other events are truck or airplane pull, where competitors for worlds strongest man try to pull a truck or an airplane by their hands as fast as they can. The distance is normally 100 feet, but at times sponsors prefer to keep it a little longer to attract more attention of the people. There are other events like crucifix, pole pushing, tug-of-war which is normally an elimination round, log throw where competitors throw a heavy log for a distance or for height over a bar, and keg toss.

One of the most unique feature about this worlds strongest man show is that the events are not similar like other sports that we normally see everyday on TV, they are absolutely different and takes real strength to practice and perform them, which is why many TV channels do advice that these should not be tried at home by kids or adults, unless they are under expert supervision or are trained.

Every year there are a few changes of events as some new events are added or modified to make sure competitors do not get any advantage and the safety of the competitors is not compromised. However, there are few events that are always there like squats, dead lift, Hercules hold and Atlas Stone. Hercules Hold is an event where the competitors stand between two hinged pillars and prevent them from falling outwards. Similarly Atlas Stone where five stones of increasing weight has to be placed on top of the podium. Normally, Atlas Stone is the final event in the competition but for security reasons this event is occurring less in recent years.

2009 Worlds Strongest Man stats

1. Zydrunas Savickas. Lithuania

2. Mariusz Pudzianowski. Poland

3. Brian Shaw. USA



2010 Worlds Strongest Man - Zydrunas Savickas. Lithuania

2011 Worlds Strongest Man - Brain Shaw, USA

2012 Worlds Strongest Man - Zydrunas Savickas. Lithuania

Worlds Strongest Man

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worlds strongest man mariuz pudzianowski
worlds strongest man
worlds strongest man zydrunas savickas
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Who is Worlds Strongest Stats

Worlds Strongest Man 2008

1 Mariusz Pudzianowski Poland  
2 Derek Poundstone USA
3 Dave Ostlund USA
4 Phil Pfister USA
5 Travis Ortmayer USA
6 Sebastian Wenta Poland
7 Tarmo Mitt Estonia
8 Arild Haugen Norway
9 Jason Bergmann USA
10 Terry Hollands UK

Worlds Strongest Man 2007

1 Mariusz Pudzianowski Poland
2 Sebastian Wenta Poland
3 Terry Hollands UK
4 Phil Pfister USA
5 Magnus Samuelsson Sweden
6 Dave Ostlund USA
7 Mark Felix UK
8 Kevin Nee USA
9 Don Pope USA
10 Tarmo Mitt Estonia