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Worlds Tallest Building

Worlds Tallest Building - Welcome to Taipei 101!

There has been a lot of speculation about the worlds tallest building, and most of it has arisen due to the ways in which buildings are defined. The Council on tall buildings and urban habitat defines a building as an architectural structure that is inhabited by human beings. Therefore, with that definition, the Taipei 101 is officially, the worlds tallest building. The building tops at a whopping height of 1671 feet. The Burj, Dubai is the worlds tallest structure, but it is still not considered to be the worlds tallest building as it is still under construction and is not inhabited by people, as yet. Once complete, the Burj is all set to break the records and take the crown of being the worlds tallest building, but this dream will still take some time to materialize.

Located at Taipei, People's Republic of China, the Taipei 101 has been accredited as being the worlds tallest building by the council on tall buildings and urban habitat. Again, there has been some speculation about the tallest building in the world, but by definition, a structure is defined as a building when it is inhabited by residents and going by this definition, the Taipei 101 scores the maximum points. Designed to withstand natural calamities like quakes and typhoons, the worlds tallest building also happens to be one of the safest ones. The worlds tallest building is so named because it is situated in Taipei's 101 district (101 being the mailing code of the district) and the worlds tallest building also happens to encompass 101 floors in it. So, it is both a utilitarian as well as a symbolic name.

The worlds tallest building is owned by the Taipei Financial Center Corporation, based in Chicago. While the Burj, Dubai, stands taller than Taipei 101, the title of being the worlds tallest building rests with Taipei 101 as of March 2009. By September 2009, the Burj is expected to be inhabited by people. The worlds tallest building also has a number of other titles to its name- be it the title of hosting the largest New Year countdown clock or being accredited with having the fastest elevator speed, Taipei 101 has a number of interesting titles to its name. The Taipei 101 was designed, keeping in mind the concept of Axis Mundi, which is supposed to be the center of the world and is supposed to be the place where the sky and the Earth meet. The Taipei 101 has been described as a modern architectural marvel and it has also been supplied with some of the best interiors that any modern building can have. With an interconnected network of fiber optic cables and a nicely managed data center, the worlds tallest building allows internet transfer speeds of up to one gigabyte per second.

The worlds tallest building is also seen as a perfect blend of traditional concepts and modern architecture. The building is designed keeping feng Shui in mind and the Feng Shui fountain right outside the worlds tallest building gives you an essence of just that. Within the Taipei 101, signs of abundance, cycles of time and a lot of other medieval concepts have been incorporated and serve as a treat to the eye. The list of tenants of the worlds tallest building includes some of the most respected names of the world. From Starbucks Coffee, McKinsey and Company, The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation and GoldBank of Taiwan to Google, Taipei 101 - the worlds tallest building is home to some of the most revered names from all over the world.


Worlds Tallest Building

worlds tallest building taipei 101
worlds tallest building taipei 101
worlds tallest building taipei 101
worlds tallest building taipei 101

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worlds tallest building taipei 101